Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a cock up...

Recently, our South African Minister of Safety & Security, announced on national television, that we should all stop whining about the crime in the country. He said that if we didn't like it, that we should just leave.

Well Sir...I am going to take you up on your offer....thanks. I will leave soon, and then you won't have to sit at your lavish dinner parties, or in your fancy luxury car, and worry about whether me or my family has become another one of your statistics.

You keep well sir...and when your wife is raped, and your children murdered.....I will send a card ok.

Oh boy.....

I leave for London tomorrow, quite nervous in fact. Meeting a bunch of beaders and bead store owners around the UK. Hope I do OK, I've really got some exciting goodies to show everyone. Nonetheless, I was up at 4 am,, couldn't sleep. Suddenly remembered that I had forgotton some stuff I needed to take with me, at the warehouse. The warehouse is 40 Km's away, so it was a bit of a drive, on my way back home, I drive through the most magnificent Wine Estates, in fact my house actually looks on to the vines of a beautiful estate. Anyway as I was coming over the hills, the sun was just rising, an unbelievable golden orange, breaking over the Helderberg Mountains, straight at me. The site gave me a feeling of awe and wonder.

Then I suddenly became very sad. I am lucky enough to live in what must be considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and unlucky that the city is in a country that is over run by crime. We hide behind high walls, with security and electric fences, we keep our children locked in the house, and we drive our cars constantly on the alert for Hijackers.

We don't really get to enjoy our beautiful city, because we live captive to the brutality of South African society.

It is very, very sad.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My British Scedule

Hi promised, herewith my schedule for when I am in the UK.

11th - Arrive at Heathrow, leave for Sheffield & then get some sleep.
12th - On to Manchester for the day, open schedule for meetings
13th - Nottingham for the day, open schedule for meetings
14th & 15th - Edinburgh & Glasgow, open schedule for meetings
17th - Sheffield all day, open schedule for meetings.
18th & 19th - Travel down through Wales to Cardiff
21st - Head Back to London
21st - 2nd August I will be in London, and available to meet anyone that is within an hour/hour & half of the city.

I look forward to scheduling with everyone.

Beadstyle recent thread

{ removed due to the sensitivity of others, however they may be viewed in Encyclopedia Brittanica, or at any major Museum in the USA} {some found my culture and history to be pornographic} {apologies}

Thought I would upload these pics, showing Maidens at the Zulu Reed Dance. There are cultural differences with regards nudity throughout the world, and the vast majority do not adhere to what is deemed acceptable by the West...enjoy looking at the interesting beadwork.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Ok...Here's my Swarovski Warthog

This is my personal favorite piece. Also done in 4mm Swarovski Bi-cones. Black Diamond, Montana, Jet and a coupla Sian's. I did this one on Sterling Silver Wire.

Just a quick Glimpse

Here's one I did for Paris Fashion week. Done in 4mm Swarovski Bi-cones. Client ordered it at 1800 Euro's.


Check these Out

Finally finished my "Big 5" Art-Deco Style in Czech Seed Beads.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hobby - X

I am preparing for our big Hobby/Craft show in June and starting to get totally stressed out. We decided to make a statemnt this year, and put the other bead stores in their place. So I took the biggest stand available at 30 square meters (100 square feet), and we are doing something totally outrageous and interesting. A totally black stand, with only blue halogen spot lights on the products. So far we have prepared about R 400 000.00 worth at cost to go on sale that's about 40 000 UKP.

Now!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Customs have lost my importers code due to a system glitch, and a huge value of new items have been sitting for days & days in the f........ warehouse.

So now two days of being pushed around by beaurocratic/bumbling fools, we finally have a temporary inporters code.

I am oh so ready to make a move......third world beauracracy is enough to drive a man to alcohol.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Coupla pics!!

I took these in a bit of a rush, and took them at night - some pics from one of my stores:

What to take........mmmmmmmm

It is quite a tough decision to decide what stock needs to come along with me. Nonetheless we think we have done our research right: So here goes:

Nickel Free Rhodium Plated Findings
14/20 Gold filled Findings
Stainless Steel Findings
Mexican Silver
Thai Silver
Bali Silver
Ethiopian/Kenyan Silver
Sterling Silver
Nickel Free Chain - Loads
Japanese Kiwa Fixtures
Toho Seed Beads - 200 Colours 11/0 only
Toho Treasures/Antiqua's - 200 colours 11/0 only
Jablonex Seed Beads 11/0 & 8/0 only - 600 colours
Jablonex Charlotte Cuts 13/0 - 30 colours
Jablonex 2-cuts - 63 colours
Czech Pressed Glass Beads - 2500 different styles
Czech Firepolished Beads - 4/6/8/10/12/14mm - 130 different colours & coatings
Shell - Lots
Semi Precious stones - Huge variety from Brazil & Namibia
AA & AAA Freshwater Pearls
Free Metallica in 6 colours
Chinese Foils
Indian Foils
Watch Faces
Swarovski Sliders
Preciosa Crystals - The full range including all new colours and chandelier components
Stainless Steel Beading Tools
Greek Machined Metal Components
Aluminium Lead Free craft wire
African Trade Beads - Monster Load
Busts/Stringing Materials/Leathers/etc...etc

and the list goes on and on....

Anything else you need desperately....just leave me a message.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Frustration Yesterday

Generally our international forwarding agent is quite good...that is until the products reach us here, then all hell breaks loose. We have been waiting for a Sterling Silver order out of Hong Kong for 3 weeks (just managed to catch some old prices), only to find out that it has been held up in customs in Johannesburg for 2 of those weeks. They decided only to tell me yesterday after days and days of calling. WRONG TARIFF CODE....they say. How can it be wron?? It's the same damn code we always use. Now I have to fill out the bloody obligatory forms and beg nicely for release.

We have a big show coming up in two weeks, and I need the stuff. What a waste of time...what a drama!!

I decided that it would be a good idea to show my face, here are some pics of my family. Sarah, Jack and Me. That's me on the right with my Nephew (English U/21 Team-Front Row).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Bead People


My name is Mark, and in the pics to follow, are my son Jack (20 mnths) and my wife Sarah. We own and manage three Bead People stores in Cape Town, South Africa. We have decided that we need to expand our business and will be setting up the first of three stores in London UK, later this year. This web log will keep a diary of our thoughts, our pains, our excitement and anxiety as we make a 12000km move from the southern to the northern hemisphere, just to open a bead shop.

Get to know us as we make our journey, and help us along the way if you can....we will need all the support and encouragement we can get.